What You Did not Know About Caffeine

If you are a lover of caffeine, you know that the first sip of a tea or coffee feels extremely good. And, of all people, only 88% do well and provides them, both benefits for their health, as for their emotions. Although caffeine is very good, it damages your teeth a lot and whites turn yellow, so you have to reduce your consumption or go with a trusted dentist to help you whiten them. You have to go with Sanoviv Dental Tijuana.

Coffee causes contractions in the large intestine: One study found that people who went to the bathroom more often drank coffee; and that is due to pressure in the colon and rectum after having consumed 200 millimeters of coffee. And not only that, decaffeinated coffee, which is supposed to have less caffeine, produces the same effect. So … stringed? You already know the formula
The more burnt grains have less caffeine: This should be the other way around because the darker and burned grains have a stronger flavor but it is true; The darker the grain, the less caffeine it contains. Each grain loses its caffeine while burning and that is why dark coffee is more stomach friendly.
Caffeine has the opposite effect on men than on stressed women: In one study, a group of students consumed decaffeinated coffee and performed several stressful tasks. The women reported a better mood to carry out their activities when they took caffeine while the men did a worse job and ended up more tired.
Caffeine is healthy for 88% of the American population: If your metabolism is accelerated with coffee, (a genetic ability that only 88% of people have), you will not have headaches or anxiety or gastritis with 350 ml. of coffee a day. In addition, it is proven that coffee decreases the chances of having Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and 9 types of cancer.