News in the tourist service Tijuana-San Diego

In order to promote the tourist offer of the tour operators of the mega region, Tijuana-San Diego, the third edition of the Tourist Plan event will be held  at the Centro Cultural Tijuana  organized by the Tourism and Convention Committee of Tijuana.

In a press conference, the president of the agency stressed that they are looking to invite people two weeks before Holy Week to see tourism offer that is available in the state, and potentiate it so that the spill remains in the region. In addition to high quality health services for example our dentists in Tijuana

The value chain will participate, with around 150 companies and tourist servers, from spas, country ranches, Northwest Hotels Association of Tijuana, Cotuco Rosarito, Ensenada Proturismo, and the Secretariat of Environmental Protection.

In addition the San Antonio Necua Indigenous Community, BC Alternative Tourism Cluster, Rosarito Submarine Park, Balboa Park, El Trompo Museum, Sea World and Wind Route of Tecate but also the Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, Federal Roads and Bridges and Green Angels, who will be giving recommendations to travel.

There will be an exhibition of tourist servers on both sides of the border, where there will be a varied cultural, musical and information program, children’s activities, sports tourism, gastronomy and wines.

He added that there is an attendance of around 5 thousand people from the region at the Cecut. The president of Cotuco stressed that in the seasons of Holy Week the region receives significant economic spills, which in Tijuana are around 6.2 million dollars, in addition to the United States and Tijuana had a spill of about 42 million dollars during the dates of holiday bridges.

“In 2017, in general, which has been the best of recent years, there was a spill of 1050 million dollars in tourism and about 300 million pesos in congresses and conventions, and in the medical issue in Tijuana there are investments of more than 350 million dollars in medical infrastructure in the construction of different hospitals, “he said.